Distinguished Service Award Recipients 


The Distinguished Service Award honors individuals who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to serving the mental health community, especially those who have made 15-20 year committed contributions to resolve issues facing those with mental illness.


  • Nominee must participate in humanitarian efforts related to mental health
  • The service must have been above and beyond the usual service commitment required by a sponsoring organization

Selection Process

The Distinguished Service Award is chosen and awarded by the GPPA President. 

Past Award Recipients

2023 Commissioner Judy Fitzgerald & Matt Norman, MD
2022 Representative Sharon Cooper, The Late Honorable David Ralston, & Judge David Sweat
2021 Howard Maziar, MD
2020 Q. Ted Smith, MD
2019 Patrice Harris, MD
2018 Commissioner Judy Fitzgerald & Tom Johnson
2017 Pete Buckley, MD
2016 Peter Ash, MD 
2015 Miles Crowder, MD
2014 W. Douglas Skelton, MD
2013 Mark C. West
2012 Sam Muszynski 
2011 Rex Fuqua
2010 Fulton County Board of Commissioners
2009 Monica McNeal
2008 Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears
2007 Dorthy C. Fuqua
2006 Representative Sharon Cooper
2005 Truett Cathy
2003 Congressman Charlie Norwood
2002 Tom Johnson
2000 Alan Stoudemire, MD
1999 Andy Miller
1998 Rosalynn Carter
1994 James Moffett
1992 Ruth Gershon
1990 Irene A. Phrydas, MD & Z. Sweeny Sikes, MD
1987 William S. Davis, MD
1986 Martha L. McCranie, MD
1985 Senator Pierre Howard
1984 Boisfeuillet Jones
1984 Senator Elanor Richardson
1984 Senator Paul Broun
1983 Lawrence Washburn, MD
1983 Bernard Holland, MD
1982 Martha McCranie, MD
1980 Joseph S. Skobba, MD
1980 E. James McCrainie, MD
1980 Shannon Mays, MD